The Book of Ruth

This story of Ruth is another artistic rendition of Mr. Ramon Abajo’s group to produce an ancient Biblical story in a rich and sumptuous fashion. The font, the illustrations, the printing on vellum and custom binding all done in keeping with ancient skills prevalent in book production of the middle ages Spain. In fact all the artists are from Spain, the vellum comes from Valencia and the binding was made there under the careful supervision of master printing Sr. Jose G. Moya, following a carefully supervised printing in the USA.

A group of talented artist gathered a few months before Passover of 2012 and decided to create an illustrated Passover Haggadah to be produced on vellum. The outcome was a beautiful and unique virtual Haggadah, which was published ‘online’. The second phase of this unique project was motivated by Mr. Ramon Abajowho became obsess with the desire to produce a book in the antique Spanish illuminated and ornamental style of the middle ages. Ms. Esther Pinto, an architect by profession and a gifted artist, together with her colleagues Alberto Fernandez and Antonio J. Gallo, two extraordinary computer design experts, embarked on an extensive research of antique books’ decoration. The result was the creation of decorative font in each page, and in addition the artist opted to illustrate some ten scenes as she envisioned them artistically.

The Ultimate Digital Haggadah

The last 1,000 years have seen generation after generation of enterprising artists employing their finest talents to present a fresh take on the Haggadah, the text of the Jewish Passover ritual, so that currently a great variety of Haggadot can be found on the marketplace. Some invest their intellectual energies in presenting new interpretations of the text. Others endowed with artistic ability illustrate their best graphical view of the story. For Passover 2012, this venerable tradition continues with the triumphant presentation of the world’s first interactive multimedia digital version of this ancient and beloved text. Readers and lovers of this great story in the dawn of the media revolution, where instantaneous searches for life queries and solutions can be found electronically at the speed of light, will soon be able to download this work onto their iPads or computers.

A monumental multimedia retelling of the ancient text fusing calligraphy, computer design, digital animation, gold gilt painting and narration, lavishly illustrated with over 100 images from the Old Testament and prominent synagogues. “The Haggadah of the Future“, “So Beautifully crafted that it complements the elegance of the iPad”

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