The Making of the first: Highlights of the Golden Haggadah on vellum

General characteristics:
1. To produce an original manuscript, a Haggadah, based on the artwork of the famous Golden Haggadahpublished in Guadalajara, Spain, circa 1320.
To accomplish this, we will use the same materials and techniques used in Medieval times: real vellum/parchment, calligraphy, illumination, miniaturizing, raised- and flat-gold gilding, as well as artistic bookbinding.
2. The Haggadah will be accompanied by a How-to Book Guide that will explain the following:
a. The meaning of the book: Cultural/traditional aspects of the Haggadah
b. The art of the book: explaining the use of different materials and artistic techniques such as vellum, gilding, natural pigments and others.
Specific characteristics:

​Our team of multidisciplinary artists will work on several specific areas of the publication, according to their skills:

1. Calligraphy (Hebrew, English and Spanish)
2. Flat and raised gold-gilding
3. Pigment making
4. Drawing and painting
5. Bookbinding
6. Vellum making (lambskin)
The Golden Haggadah will measure 8.5” x 5.5”

Date of release: Passover 2012

Enjoy the singular beauty of these extraordinary books which, by preserving the ancient tradition of Illuminated Manuscript making, also highlight the artistic and cultural values of its content.

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